Car Battery Replacement in York, Pennsylvania

A car battery dying is one of the most inconvenient things that can happen to you. You get into your car on your way to work, an appointment, or even an errand only to discover that nothing seems to be working and that a dead battery is to blame. In the vast majority of cases, this translates to spending an entire day finding a replacement battery and a to truck. Fortunately, you can trust Best in Town Towing because we are different because we come to you, drive to the location of your vehicle and replace your car battery at any location throughout York.

When Should My Car Battery Be Replaced?

Car battery replacement may be necessary in a few different situations with 3 of the most common being:

Your Car Refuses to Start

If your car won’t start, the car battery could be the culprit. As the battery in your car starts to age, the electricity that it can provide gets increasingly lower. Once the battery power drops below a particular level, it will be very hard if not impossible for it to start your car.

Your Car’s Electric Parts Don’t Work

If your car battery is failing and the voltage it produces keeps dropping then all the electronic components in your vehicle may not work properly. You may need a new battery if your car lights, stereo, security system, or any other electrically powered component isn’t working properly.

Battery Warning Light is On

The vast majority of cars come with a warning light for when the battery requires replacement. If a charging system or battery warning light on the dashboard turns on, you probably need a new battery for your car.

A Foul Smell

Damage to your car battery or an internal short may cause it to leak gas. If you smell rotten eggs after opening the hood, then a leaking battery is probably the culprit.

Get Your Car Battery Replaced Today!

Trust Best in Town Towing for your car battery replacement in York. Best in Town Towing is a trusted name when it comes to replacing your malfunctioning or dead car battery. We drive to the location of your vehicle to ensure that the replacement is as efficient and convenient as possible. Call us today at 717-254-4959 to set up your appointment if you require a new car battery.

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