Car Recovery & Off Road Recovery in York, Pennsylvania

We are your local off-road recovery specialist whenever you need us! We are not a regular towing company. We will do everything other tow truck companies offer and much more. For those off-road enthusiasts, we know you love to take out your 4 X 4 vehicles and enjoy this activity. Most of the off-roads might be covered in sand, snow and mud. There’s a huge chance that your vehicle might get stuck.

Well, you need to contact us when this happens so we can help out. We have a 24/7 towing service so we are available to come to your location and give you the help you need. You don’t need to remain stuck in the mud for a long time! With our help, you can go back to driving your 4×4 vehicle without any worries.

We have been doing this for a while and understand how desperately stuck your vehicle might be. Whether you are two-tracking, rock crawling, mudding, we are here to help when your vehicle gets stuck. You simply need to call us and we will dispatch our experts to your location to offer the best off-road recovery service.

We are equipped with advanced two trucks with the right tools to get your precious all-terrain vehicle out of any tough situation. We are ready to pull out your vehicle when you need us. You don’t need to leave it stuck in the mud overnight when we can get it out for you as soon as you call us! We are here for you and we are just a phone call away!

A picture of a car with a flat tire that needs repairing in York.
Picture of a car engine with jumper cables hooked up to the battery to give it a jumpstart.


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