Flatbed Tow Service in York, Pennsylvania

Picture of a flatbed tow truck hauling a 4x4 vehicle.

Have you been involved in an accident? Well, your vehicle might have sustained extensive damage making it hard to drive around anymore. The only way to move your vehicle from the accident scene is using a flat-bed truck. Thanks to our services, we can take your car from the accident scene and drive it to your home or the local mechanic. We are just a simple phone call away and we are ready to help whenever you need us! 

Why Should You Hire A Flatbed Truck? 

Flatbed towing is dependent on a few factors such as the weight, the model and make of your vehicle. If your vehicle is transported with a flatbed truck, the wheels must be completely secured. Note that, it’s not the traditional way where chains are simply placed on the front or rear end of the vehicle.

Most people choose flatbed towing because the design of their vehicles doesn’t allow any extra weight to be place on any end of the vehicle (whether front or rear). Note that, this is quite common with wheel lift towing. If you have sport cars or luxury vehicles, you can use flatbed towing for the best results. Call us today for the best results.

What You Should Know About Wheel Lift Towing 

It’s a quite common type of towing used when the rear or front wheels are damaged. Here, we will hook the vehicle to our tow truck then lift it off the ground. Wheel lift towing is the perfect type of towing especially for short distances such as when the vehicle is driven home or to a mechanic’s shop. It’s also an ideal way of moving lightweight trucks, vans and cars. 

In some cases, wheel lift towing isn’t ideal for some vehicles or in some conditions. Well, if it doesn’t work, flatbed towing will always come in handy as mentioned above. 

Flatbed Insurance Towing 

One of our top priorities includes flatbed towing for insurance partners. We have granted our insurance partners access to the dispatch system in the event of emergencies. Please feel free to contact your insurance provider and let them ask to have your towing order expedited and we will do so effortlessly!

We have an extensive fleet of flatbed tow trucks we can use to transport most vehicles. We can also provide expert roadside recovery whenever you need it. Call us now and we will dispatch a flatbed to your location for immediate assistance.

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