Heavy Duty Towing in York, Pennsylvania

Are you looking for the best professional heavy duty towing services for RVs, semi-trucks, boats and trailers and any other heavy equipment in York? Well, Best in Town Towing should be your first choice. We are professionals who offer heavy duty towing services with utmost safety and integrity. We are proud to serve the local community with our exemplary services.

Have you been involved in an accident where your truck has broken down? Are you involved in an emergency situation that requires heavy duty towing? Well, you should contact us immediately and make sure your heavy duty vehicle is in the right hands. We are the top heavy duty towing specialists in the area so contact us for the best services.

Heavy Duty Equipment For All Vehicle Types

Our company Best in Town Towing is proud to own a fleet of heavy and medium duty tow trucks. These are specially designed to handler larger equipment or trucks effortlessly. We have trained professionals who can handle the most complex towing jobs such as bus, RV, semi-tractor trailer and heavy equipment towing.

Even better, if you are looking to move a very large pool, we are here for you. Contact us for any jobs such as moving boats, watercrafts, grading equipment and containers too. We have employed the best expert dispatchers who can identify the right tow trucks and equipment for your towing needs.

We have medium duty vehicles that can handle at least 10,000 to 26,000 pounds. For anything above that, we can always break out our heavy duty towing equipment. We have experienced operators who use a combination of equipment such as rotators, bobtails, low boys, winches and many more for the best results. Therefore, when you contact us, we can get your equipment or heavy duty vehicles where they need to be safely and at the most affordable rates.

Special Equipment Towing

Are you looking to move around any special equipment? Well, we can help you do that effortlessly with our lowboy trailers. Whether you are looking to move heavy machinery, excavator and graders, city and tour buses, tractors, large containers and many more, you can rest assured you are in the best hands. Feel free to contact us. We will assess the task ahead and dispatch our professionals to provide the most affordable towing options to meet your needs.

RV / Motor Home Towing

You might be feeling overwhelmed thinking about how to move your RV or motorhome. Well, that’s a headache you can do away with because will handle all the heavy lifting. We have the best equipment to handle towing of motorhomes, RVs, recreational trailers and campers effectively.

With a fleet of at least 50 vehicles, our company Best in Town Towing will arrive at your location and meet your towing needs without any hassles. Over the years we have perfected our towing services including light duty and road side assistance. We have handled numerous types of complex towing jobs as well to the best of our ability. We have been in business since 2006, so rest assured that your towing needs are being handled by the experts.

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